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Healthy Home Honey

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About the Company

Healthy Home Honey is a Limited Liability Company, which is veteran owned and run, and headquartered in Mesquite TX. Our hives, however, can be found in many locations throughout Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities. We strive to produce
the purest, most natural honey available.

We use a treatment-free approach to beekeeping which insures a pesticide-free beehive and bees that are naturally resistant
to many of the challenges facing bees today.

If you are interested in having your own beehive on your property, but you don't have the time or expertise to properly care for them, we can help. Please see our page on "Hive Servicing."

About the Beekeepers

Don's interest in bees started as a young man when he worked for a bee company involved in pollinating the almond groves in California. He served in the U.S. Navy and after finishing college at San Diego State, he moved from California to work for the City of Dallas for 27 years. After raising his children and retiring from the city he was finally able to pursue again his passion for bees and harvesting high quality honey.

Kyle is Don's son-in-law. After obtaining a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science, he went to work for a company involved in relocating bees around the DFW area. Eventually he decided to branch into beekeeping using some of those bees he obtained through this company. This provides us with a good source of wild honeybees.

Ammon is Don's son and Kyle's brother-in-law. He obtained his Master's degree in Criminal Justice and works in Law Enforcement.  His love for beekeeping started with his father's and bro-in-law's natural enthusiasm for bees and honey, which rubbed off on him. He also has previous experience in bee hive removal. He loves being in the outdoors and camping with his wife and 2 sons.