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Beekeeping requires a lot of specialized equipment including a bee suit, bee gloves, smoker, hive tools, honey supers, frames, foundation, as well as equipment for getting the honey from the hive to the bottles. This can include a honey extractor, uncapping table, uncapping knife, scraper, etc. It can become quite expensive to purchase everything you need when you're just keeping a hive or two. All this equipment also has a way of filling up your garage.

So for those, living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding areas who would like the benefits of having their own hive, without all the hassle, we offer bee servicing. We sell you an established ten frame bee hive, bees included, for a discounted rate of $350 with service contracts (normally $450). These are your bees to keep. Then, for an annual cost of $650 for 2-5 hives and $550 per hive for 6 hives and up, we will maintain your hive for you (we have a 2 hive minimum). We will add honey supers (boxes) to your hive as needed, and check on the hives on regular intervals. When it is time to harvest the honey we will come by and collect the honey and take it to our honey house where we will extract it and bottle it for you. Finally, we will deliver your very local honey to you and the honey supers and equipment go back into our storage ready to be used again in the spring.

If you would like to know more about this service please feel free to contact us.