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Our Honey

Our honey comes from the flowers of Dallas Texas and the surrounding cities, and is produced by bees obtained from the wild and relocated to our hives. Unlike much of the honey on the shelves at the grocery store, our honey is never heated or filtered. Our honey is simply extracted from the honeycomb, gravity fed through a coarse strainer and placed into BPA-free sealed plastic jars. This process preserves the honey's amazing health properties.

The city where the honey was produced is posted on the label, so you know exactly where the honey comes from.

Honey can be picked up in Mesquite or Wylie TX.


Christmas jar (12 oz) - $10 (sold out)
1 pound bottles - $12

2 pound bottles - $20 (sold out)
5 pound bottles - $45
5 gallon bucket w/ spout (50 lbs.) - $350 (sold out)